Thursday, July 28, 2005

So long and back again !!!

Two football matches, sudden change in weather and some rains were all that was needed to give me Cold, Fever and Sorethroat for the past week or so. I was a makde shift goalie in last match I played and shouted so much from the back that my throat was badly affected. Some anti-biotics and bunking 2 days of work just to sleep at home was the cure. Damn, I didnt check my email for 4 long days. That was like 4 days in Hell not to be in touch with the world. Now I know I can live w/o a mobile but not w/o internet connection. 3 Cheers to WWW.
Heavy rains in Bombay, One Oil drilling platform down in Bombay High and with that went 38% of Oil supplies for India for 1 year until a new one comes up and another 15 ,000 Crores of rupees(roughly some gazillion dollars) to Re-build a new one and bomb blasts all over London and Egypt and some Lathi charges in Gurgoan. What is the world coming to?? One more Samaritan crying out for goodness.
I think there should be samaritan law (like the Seinfeld episode) implemented everywhere. People who are the scene of the crime and dont help should be jailed. Maybe this will reduce some crimes.
Aandava ellarayum nalla padiya vaipa... Enna mattum konjam nallave gavanichiko.. :-o)


sathyus said...

nalal keethe ithu..apo engalama una "vida" jaastiayna paathukanum!!

Sriram P said...

@Sathyus --- Please translate your comment in english for better understanding.