Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sad day for India :-(

Its a very sad day indeed. 3 Blasts rocket the nation's capital and one train derailed and so many dead after all those who have died in the recent rains in south. Nature has been unleasing it force and now those damn terrorists across the border. I sincerely wish all of them just fall dead in the next tremor in POK. Damn you guys.. If it were US of A they would be scraming for blood by now. Whats the next course of action by the PM?? Lets wait n see. Hope the rains stops soon. There has been enough damage due to water all over the world in the last one year starting with Tsunami. Hope the festive spirits are not dampened due to this. Though they may try toi create terror, lets us stand up to it and show them the middle finger... Lets continue to live our life.. Though I still feel sad for all those who have died... ok i will stop this arbit scrapping... Happy Diwali again folks and take a minute to mourn all those who have died...

Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Diwali

Amidst all the waiting time for the wait listed train ticket to get confirmed and scramble to buy a comfirmed bus ticket, finally i had to part with 460 bucks to get a A/C bus ticket finally. Theres so much of rush to get tickets to Chennai and now all chennai bound trains are getting cancelled left right and center. Thank god I got a bus ticket.
So much for the Diwali season and for the hacov wrought in by the monsoon rains. Its going to a Rainy Diwali. But atleast I will get to eat mom made sweets and namkeens and good festival day food on the Diwali eve and Diwali itself. Yummy....
So guys n gals.... Happy Diwali to one and all... Nalla enjoy maadi.. Khoob sweets khao... maze karo... Bring some light into your lives this time... I am still looking for a good source of light for my life... ;-o) Hope I dont find a toally fused tubelight. haha.. Bad PJ.. with that all I have to say is Happy festive season and happy shopping.. I ve already blew more than 10 grand so far on shopping on different sales..

Monday, October 17, 2005

Something I read about Success

This has already got a bit serious tone to it. So if you are in a jovial mood, you may still want to read it becos the person I am going to quote is none other than Daily Show host "Jon Stewart".
My friend, Sumit, brought my attention to this link. This is the commencement speech given by Jon Stewart in his Alma Mater. Very funny and very sensible too... In between all the jokes and the sarcastic quips he did mention something about success which totally floored me. This guy is great.... it goes something like this....

"College is something you complete. Life is something you experience. So don’t worry about your grade, or the results or success. Success is defined in myriad ways, and you will find it, and people will no longer be grading you, but it will come from your own internal sense of decency.
Love what you do. Get good at it. Competence is a rare commodity in this day and age. And let the chips fall where they may"

If you want the complete transcript of his hillarious commencement speech please go to

and if you want to listen to the audio... for Windows media Player and for Real Player

P.S: Thanks Sumit for sending me this link. I thought it was a wonderful one to listen to.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Its Holiday time

Just the time I have been waiting for. Go home chill out, eat n sleep peacefully. haha....
that just goes to show that i ve absolutely nothing interesting to write about except for some office jokes like dilbert or relate dilbert to things happ in my office. But since i dont want to talk about work in blogs, i will refrain from doing so. So that leaves me prety much nothing to write about. Just when i think i have something to write, i dont have access to my comp and when i sit in front of the computer, i dont remember what material i had. some of my freinds from work are planning a trip to Ooty without any solid plan. So i hope it works out ok for them. they have just packed their bags and come to work today. They will leave from work to bus station or train station and see what options they have. Thats a pretty bold thing to do. Just get there somehow and work out your options later. There would be a nice dussera festival procession in Mysore.

My whiteboard is cluttered with phone numbers and my mind is wandering around and my fingers are just typing something that makes sense to nobody including me. Guess this is what they call Iirelevant conversation if I were to talk to somebody, assuming ofcourse there is someone who would lend their ears to all the crap i would say.
The weather outside is so beautiful and tempting and i dunno what i am doing inside my cubicle. That reminds me of a dilbert jokes about cubicles at work place, personal furniotures such as Chairs and office stationaries. Want to watch Pink Panther and New Harry Potter movie.

Ok thats enough crap for the day... those who read, dont curse me. I didnt ask you read this far. Life is all about choices. You had a choice and you chose to read this. So Curse yourself.

More to follow.... Matrix Exploded....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Life in Bangalore

Havent seen a single movie in a long time. There is no good video rental shop near my house and besides by the time i get back home its pretty late to sit and watch a movie. I leave home by 8 sometimes and reach back home only around 10. almost 3 hours gone in commuting trying to cope with all the traffic in bangalore. some 8-10 hours gone in office, leaving very little time for oneself. I wonder what is the quality of life in such cases. Even if you plan to leave early say 6 PM invariably you are struck in traffic and reach home only around 730 - 8. some how life just goes on and nobody really gives too much thought to all this. I really dunno how married people cope with this esp with lot more responsibilities at work for their position and more responsibilities at home too... Its almost as if there is no life. Thank god, most companies work only 5 days a week. Otherwise life would just be hell. I know always keep complianing, but atleast some will agree that living in a place such as bangalore, life on weekdays is almost non-existant.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rains in Chennai :)

Surprise Surprise.. It is raining in Chennai... This place really needs some rains and water. So finally Gods have answered to my calls... while its raining i can write about my weekend trip to Oslo... :)
Well... Dont ask how i went why i went.. i would like to akip all that.. maybe some other day... but i went to Oslo for a personal trip or more for a future, i would say....
it was a lovely place to be in.. had sat evening and sunday to roam around and explore the place. Its not very difficult for a new person to find his way through. I asked the Hotel people about the places to visit and they handed me a map and explianed where i could go and how i could get there... the city is so well connected with buses, trams and subway trains... buy one pass and thats enough to take you by any means of transportation. i walked on the streets of oslo to get a good feel of the city. Oslo ppl like to dress up well. They dont mind spending a lot of their clothers esp for branded stuff. There are tons of cafes/bar/restraunt all over the city. You can walk into ay restraunt and u can find a mini bar there and get a drink. People party a lot and party till late night. All in all it was a wonderful city. I also visited couple of museums to get a feel of the culture, some norwegian expdeitions etc. Lots of visitors still pouring in Oslo even though summer is officially over. But i really liked the place. wanna see some of pics click here Look up Oslo folder.