Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Allez les Blues!

Allez les Blues.. Allez les Blues.. That seemed to be the chant all over the stadium once the game was over and doubts put to rest by the most graceful footballer in the current era.. A finishing touch by the Maestro put spain out of their misery and booked a place for France in the Quarters against Brazil. For Spain, Its a series of continuous misery. They just cant seem to proceed ahead in the Knockout stages and the sadness continues. They had such a good team and good budding stars, but didnt help against a great team with proven winners, though fading.
Even I didnt like the way France was playing in the first round, but they seem to have found their old winning ways once Zidane is back in action. Oh.. What a player.. He is the Grace at large, Mark Waugh of Football and the most lazily elegant football you can find.. and he played like one yesterday. Every touch of his almost created an opportunity for a goal. Spain had many but they wasted their chances. One thing that would bother me was the way Henry faked to get the Freekick which resulted in the winning goal for France. Poor Carlos Puyol.. he had to get a card for nothing and France got through... I didnt expect Henry to do this... but in the end France won..

Well what now.. France meets Brazil.. Another classic encounter with both teams finiding their magical tough.. replay of 1998 finals... Brazil would like to avenge their defeat 8 years ago which robbed them of 3 consecutive WCs and France would like to give Zidane the best possible retirement gift.. and I am still supporting Brazil.. Too bad for France.. Wish they met Brazil in the Finals.. So the World cup gets more exciting .. Ger Vs Arg, Bra Vs Fra Eng Vs Por .. what a classic encounters all of these... VIV LA BRAZIL....

Monday, June 26, 2006

Buffet's Generosity

Did you guys hear about Warren Buffet's generous donation to charity?? Just 85% of his Personal assets, which runs in billions of dollars, go towards charity and most of it to Gates Foundation. isnt that amazing?? What kind of a person would do that? He said he doesnt beleive in inheritance.. So he doesnt want to leave so much of his smoney for his kids.... Cool guy, i would say..

Good Show Socceroos

Too bad for Ozzies that they had to lose out to lackluster Blue eyed Pretty boys who fake injuries and fall in the box just to get ref's attention.. Poor Ozzies, after putting up a fantastic display had to lose out on a Spot kick in the last minute of the game. It was a total heart break for them... then again materazzi's foul was not so bad that it deserved sending off. Both teams had so many chances, one italian was a good actor whereas none of Ozzies could manage to pull of a fake fall like he did to get a penalty kick. Well.. all said and done, at the end of the day if you dont score, when you get a chance you just have to wait for your luck to win it and luck may desert you at the very last moment just like it deserted the Socceroos today... Well now Italy even with their substandard display can easily beat Ukr or Swiss to get into Semis easily.. Germany vs Arg will be a classic replay of their 90' Finals when Lothar Mathaus, present coach Klinsmann and Co. beat maradona's argentina... Just cant wait to see that... and tommorrow is Brazil's game with Ghana.. Hopefully Brazil should breeze through to Quarters ...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Football mania

Yipeee.. finally its here.. After a long wait of 4 years, World Cup football is back in action with the best of the best fighting it out for the most coveted trophy in the world. I beleive the FIFA World cup finals is the only sporting event watched by most number of people in this planet, although the americans would claim the same for SuperBowl. If the World were just the US of A( as it is often joked about them), then their claim would be true.
The Entire world is going crazy over football and so is Norway. Every pub/bar/cafe is busy with Television sets showing this Mega event. There is a even a big screen close to the Pier called Aker Brygge. Lots and lots of fans come here and watch the game on big screen where they also sell drinks. Its amazing atmosphere here watching the games with so many people, just like watching cricket or football in big screen in besant nagar beach or watching formula one in the Forum Mall in Bangalore.
There are so many diferent people here living in Norway from different countries supporting their teams. So its a great experience watching the games with fans supporting their countries. On Odd occasions you can see tempers flaring up between two country fans or small fight between two drunken fans. But its cool. I watched the Brazil Vs Socceroos game here and the whole place was full of yellow and green.
Needless to say, I was also wearing a Brazil Yellow Jersey except that I was wearing a wrong shirt, Ronaldo instead of Ronaldhinho. Ronaldo looks like a spent force with nothing to prove and absolutely no motivation to play out his 5th world cup. Hope someone kicks his ass and gets his game to very top and lead from the front. So you can see, I am very busy with Football. Between Work, Football, Food and Sleep, I just dont have time for anything else until this event ends...
So until then Adios - amigos and Senoritas, Au Revoir, Ciao and Shukriya and Nanri... Catch you all in July... Hopefully I will still be wearing a Yellow Jersey celebrating the Brazil's 6th World Cup victory...

P.S: One question I always get from many people here is : India is the second in Population and you still cant field a good team in the top 32 to compete in World Cup?? Someone Please answer this question for me.. I hope someday India will also compete on this level.. Until then I will support the samba boys..

Squishy... Squishy...

Only Nemo and Dori are missing.. :) .

This was taken from my boat trip during part of my field testing related to job offcoast Bergen in the west coast of Norway. Nice trip, it was. Will write about it someother time. Now is the time for watching football... Go Brazil.. go