Thursday, July 28, 2005

So long and back again !!!

Two football matches, sudden change in weather and some rains were all that was needed to give me Cold, Fever and Sorethroat for the past week or so. I was a makde shift goalie in last match I played and shouted so much from the back that my throat was badly affected. Some anti-biotics and bunking 2 days of work just to sleep at home was the cure. Damn, I didnt check my email for 4 long days. That was like 4 days in Hell not to be in touch with the world. Now I know I can live w/o a mobile but not w/o internet connection. 3 Cheers to WWW.
Heavy rains in Bombay, One Oil drilling platform down in Bombay High and with that went 38% of Oil supplies for India for 1 year until a new one comes up and another 15 ,000 Crores of rupees(roughly some gazillion dollars) to Re-build a new one and bomb blasts all over London and Egypt and some Lathi charges in Gurgoan. What is the world coming to?? One more Samaritan crying out for goodness.
I think there should be samaritan law (like the Seinfeld episode) implemented everywhere. People who are the scene of the crime and dont help should be jailed. Maybe this will reduce some crimes.
Aandava ellarayum nalla padiya vaipa... Enna mattum konjam nallave gavanichiko.. :-o)

Friday, July 22, 2005

5-0 and badly beaten!

Enter the Soccer tournament, and I see so many companies field their best teams with great amount of practice and here we go with 3-4 days of practice and completely match unfit to take on a very good team which had good soccer sense and passing skills. Not surprisingly we were beaten 5-0. Though i was just standing in the lines cheering for my team for most of the playing time, it was great fun just to be there. I got to play approx 1 min of playing time towards the end of both halves. We got one more match today and I am already looking forward to it. It was great to play on grass again after a very long time.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

How do you add smileys or emoticon in blog postings?

Please comment and let me know

Top Question of this Week

"How does one know when you have run out of Invisible ink?" (Source: Invisible as per request)
All creative and innovative answers are most welcome. I cannot promise any patent or IP rights :-p)
When you solve this, the source will become visible to you :-o)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

PotterMania to SoccerMania

The title says it all. Yes.. I have started playing soccer again. There is an inter-corporate soccer 5-a-side tournament going to happen in 2 days and I am nowhere close to match fit. In fact most of my team mates are also in same condition. But some are experienced footers and athletes from school and college. So they will manage. Though I will be on the bench, if not a water boy, I am very enthu about going back to soccer field. I always used to feel great pain in my toes after soccer. Now I figured out that I was using Soccer boots, one size smaller. Somehow I have to manage this time and buy a new pair later. feels great to be kicking the ball high and up and running and passing it. Reminds of KINE Soccer class I took at TAMU and the soccer games we used to play in summer with Desi boys and some other guys at Rock praire, CLL.
Sad part is that one of our soccer buddies, met with a horrible accident in College Station and another guy who was in the same car passed away. He was also a good friend. Condolences to his family and I hope my soccer buddy recovers soon enough to play soccer again in College Station.

New Mobile T630

Electronic Cousin of T610, not Cosmetically though. I think 610 is more cute and sexy than 630. T610 had the awesome curves and looks that anybody would want. 630 is same on the features side and so-so on the looks. No complaints though. and this time I have insured it. So much for a small piece of electronic device which makes or breaks lives and relationships. So much packed in this small instrument that literally you can spend one whole say with it and not feel bored at all. All the new gadgets have Mp3 players, FM Radio, Internet and also tons of games and MMS. Wat more do u need from a mobile phone and some occasional calls too.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Manic Monday

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday
My I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday
-- Bangles

Thats sums my mood for the day. What a beautiful day outside. Nice weather and so inviting to sleep all day. And here I am sitting in my cubicle in front of my comp. Lifes like that.

Still no concrete evidence in Rove case and I am just waiting to see the Google News flash up saying Rove is Guilty. I also wish it says Bush and all his aids are guilty of the Iraq War. Well.. I am not hoping for too much though. London bombing and 4 people captured, watever happened to those who attached the Ayodhya and many more who keep attacking J&K everyday or every nook and corner of the developing world. Well.. Nobody cares for those who cant make the news or who dont have money.
Been reading lot of books lately. Jack's autobiography and his 'Winning'. Pretty inspiring stuff really. Yet to get my hands on Harry Potter and Half blood prince.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rove on the Rover to Moon!!!

Haha.. Catchy title eh!
Karl Rove... I am missing Jon Stewart's jokes on all the Rove investigation going on in DC. I hate Rove for the main reason that he was the architect of the Bush's election campaigns and mainly the Re-election in 2004. Now that there is so much of information coming out of the box everyday and more evidences emering to prove that he may have been behind the CIA leak. I would like to see the Dems get back at him. They are already calling for Bush to remove Rove from White House. I hope he goes to Jail, not because I have anything against him, but it will be a defeat for the Bush team. I also hope Karl Rove spills the beans about Bush team's real intentions on going for the Iraq war, which is very unlikely to happen. He may probly be removed from his office and given a nice Retirement in Some Villa on the beaches of Jamaica or Virgin Islands or maybe in the Posh Colonies on the MOON with a Land ROVER to explore the landscap of the Moon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Potter.. Potter..Potter...
I dont have a kid brother or Kid sister or else I would have heard only Potter..Potter everywhere. A great fan of Potter myself or should I say a great fan of JKR. I am also eagerly waiting for the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I havent reserved a copy myself so far. I will wait for som more time. Last time around I caught hold of a 'pdf' which was doing rounds on the net just after the release of the book. Can u imagine I read the 700 odd page book on the comp putting 2 nightouts. Damn... I was so jobless. This time I will wait for paperback to hit the streets and I will buy at a cheaper price than the hardbound copy. So who is dying in this volume 6? Could it be Dumbledore?

Friday, July 08, 2005

Sarkar - Ek Soch

Watched it yesterday on my Comp. Would still like to see it in Big screen. Amitabh has done full justice to his role. Somehow I felt some discontinuity or lack of smoothness in the flow of the script. Good that they didnt try to fit in songs just for the heck of it. But would rate 'Nayagan' far better in this category of Don movies ripped off from 'God Father'. Cant obviously compare either Kamal or Amitabh to the legendary Marlon brando as the DON. Good Movie nevertheless. Lots of movies to be watched in my list.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Word Origins

I was just wondering what if Sandwich were Sandwitch and what would have been the origin to it? Then i realized that I did not know the origin to Sandwich itself. My Frnd and I googld and my frnd stumbled upon this good site. So here you go (courtesy Deepti)

Its got some real good word and phrase origins. Good site for more Trivia. Idle mind does wonderful things such as these. I am still looking at a good model to buy. I narrowed my options to 2 models. K700i of Sony ericsson (advanced T610) and Moto V3 RAZR (pencil thin Moto). Now please do let me know if you have heard about any negative points on any of these. I am reading all reviews online. But if you have any info please pass it along.

Ra Ra Ra.... Raa... Raa ...Raa....

Ra Ra Ra.... Raa... Raa ...Raa.... Raa ...Raa... Raa... Ra Ra... Ra Ra Ra.... Raa Raa Raa.... Raa Raa Raa Raa...
Fortune Fame
Mirror Vain
Gone Insane
but the Memory Remains!

Ash to Ash
Dust to Dust
but the Memory Remains!!!

-- Hail Metallica.. You Rock....

Question of the Day ???

My friend recently asked me this question
"Observation: while going on train or for that matter a bus or a car, if I sit on a window or stand at a door, I always feel air rushing in. I hope u all feel the same. If not, please ignore the rest of the mail.
Question: if so much of air is entering the system from all possible openings, how is it going out? otherwise we may someday see a phenomen of train burst, if we dont find an answer."

Please let me know if anybody knows the answer and I will pass it on to my Curious friend.
He is planning to collect Question of the week. If he does and if its intersting I will pu it up here.

Time for a new Post

Still havent bought a mobile! What am I waiting for... But I do find it convinient w/o it. I dont have to bother to call anybody and for all those who constantly tell me 'You havent called me in a long time. You have forgotten us etc etc" .. one simple excuse... I lost my mobile.. Let us se how long this goes until I finally have to buy a new one. The problem is I cant settle for any mobile which has lesser features than T610 and obviously that mean more money.
Been very busy at office in the past week with some project presentation and hence no recent posts. That should answer ever curious Sathyusus comments on Why I dont post very often?
So Whats new in life? I had a small House warming/Get together in my newly rented 1 BHK. So much for a rented house was my answer to all the pestering from my parents, my aunt and family. All thats well, ends well. All my family members seemed to like the place. Its in 2nd floor right in front of a park and right next to it is 3 empty plots. So I get all the breeze and an excellent view from the terrace. But except for the noise from the cieling fan, which I hope to fix soon, everything else is Ok with the house.

Adios! Amigos!