Tuesday, July 19, 2005

PotterMania to SoccerMania

The title says it all. Yes.. I have started playing soccer again. There is an inter-corporate soccer 5-a-side tournament going to happen in 2 days and I am nowhere close to match fit. In fact most of my team mates are also in same condition. But some are experienced footers and athletes from school and college. So they will manage. Though I will be on the bench, if not a water boy, I am very enthu about going back to soccer field. I always used to feel great pain in my toes after soccer. Now I figured out that I was using Soccer boots, one size smaller. Somehow I have to manage this time and buy a new pair later. Boy...it feels great to be kicking the ball high and up and running and passing it. Reminds of KINE Soccer class I took at TAMU and the soccer games we used to play in summer with Desi boys and some other guys at Rock praire, CLL.
Sad part is that one of our soccer buddies, met with a horrible accident in College Station and another guy who was in the same car passed away. He was also a good friend. Condolences to his family and I hope my soccer buddy recovers soon enough to play soccer again in College Station.

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sathyus said...

sriram ya we herd the sad news too.... hope you are feeling better now...
btw..do u remember we used to play soccer at Research parkway?