Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Time for a new Post

Still havent bought a mobile! What am I waiting for... But I do find it convinient w/o it. I dont have to bother to call anybody and for all those who constantly tell me 'You havent called me in a long time. You have forgotten us etc etc" .. one simple excuse... I lost my mobile.. Let us se how long this goes until I finally have to buy a new one. The problem is I cant settle for any mobile which has lesser features than T610 and obviously that mean more money.
Been very busy at office in the past week with some project presentation and hence no recent posts. That should answer ever curious Sathyusus comments on Why I dont post very often?
So Whats new in life? I had a small House warming/Get together in my newly rented 1 BHK. So much for a rented house was my answer to all the pestering from my parents, my aunt and family. All thats well, ends well. All my family members seemed to like the place. Its in 2nd floor right in front of a park and right next to it is 3 empty plots. So I get all the breeze and an excellent view from the terrace. But except for the noise from the cieling fan, which I hope to fix soon, everything else is Ok with the house.

Adios! Amigos!


sathyus said...

ever curious sathyusus is just concerned abt u bro!esp if u dont come online..muannalam i used to logoff nee varathey to avoid you (hehe) aana ipo i am online and nee varala.. wat a tragedy maame!
we wil visit ur house when we come there!(we=gaay and me)!

Sriram P said...

Sure.. I will be happy to accomodate both of you in that House. Its small def but big enough to Hold both of you. I think you both can squeeze in. heehee. Yeah it would be nice. Btw when r u coming to India??