Friday, July 08, 2005

Sarkar - Ek Soch

Watched it yesterday on my Comp. Would still like to see it in Big screen. Amitabh has done full justice to his role. Somehow I felt some discontinuity or lack of smoothness in the flow of the script. Good that they didnt try to fit in songs just for the heck of it. But would rate 'Nayagan' far better in this category of Don movies ripped off from 'God Father'. Cant obviously compare either Kamal or Amitabh to the legendary Marlon brando as the DON. Good Movie nevertheless. Lots of movies to be watched in my list.


Freedom's my name... said...

Sarkar - Ek Soch? Not bad! I never knew your Hindi was that good!
Hey... have you seen "Black". Thought it was one of the best hindi movies that i have seen. Atleast the theme was appealing.

Arvind M Venugopal said...
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Arvind M Venugopal said...

Sarkar is what you can define 'a product of hype and undeserving'... personally, i think ram gopal verma is one of the most overhyped directors in indian cinema right now! puhleeez... if i were given a choice, i can attempt a better remake... and dont even attempt to compare the genius of kamal/manirathnam/ilayaraja combo movie to this overhyped bada-naam-chotaa-kaam piece of work!