Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Potter.. Potter..Potter...
I dont have a kid brother or Kid sister or else I would have heard only Potter..Potter everywhere. A great fan of Potter myself or should I say a great fan of JKR. I am also eagerly waiting for the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I havent reserved a copy myself so far. I will wait for som more time. Last time around I caught hold of a 'pdf' which was doing rounds on the net just after the release of the book. Can u imagine I read the 700 odd page book on the comp putting 2 nightouts. Damn... I was so jobless. This time I will wait for paperback to hit the streets and I will buy at a cheaper price than the hardbound copy. So who is dying in this volume 6? Could it be Dumbledore?


sathyus said...

DUMBLEDORE.. MAN ID GIVE UP ON LIFE AFTER THAT...i have a feeling that it could be the weasley twins mom or it could be harrys aunt(moms sis)
ya i cant wait to get my hands on Kals copy of HP... shes buyinh it and giving it to me so that i cud read it asap!!
ya..check fabmalls riram..tyhey have it for 750 inc shipping ..i plan to buy from them too

brijtv said...

Hmmm.. All my fiancee's cousins (all 31 of them!) are HP fans.. I guess we are going to get multiple copies as gifts.. So just come to the wedding, and pick one up.