Monday, March 09, 2009

Disastrous weekend at Hemsedal

hemsedal is one of the biggest Ski resorts in Norway... A big group of people from work decides to go and I joined them hoping I could take some lessons and improve my snow boarding skills... well.. i thought wrong... back pains previous falls started surfacing making my downhill experience unbearable with backpain... and to add to the woes, i hit my head at the cottage entrace on a low ceiling, which required immediate medical attention and some stitches .. No wait.. Super Glue... which basically confined me to the cofe at the ski resort playing some sudoku with a friend and a cuppa hot tea ... so much for the ski weekend.. :( ...
did you know that urban legend says that super glue was accidentally invented to find a replacement for stitches for body wounds during WWII ?? I didnt know this until today when someone mentioned it... It was relatively painless experience of getting glued in place of stitches... :)... wel.. it remains to be seen if the blow to my head has anything to do with my behavior in the coming days :-D) ... haha///