Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Protocol to be followed when you lose a Mobile

When you lose something thats worth a lot then it hits you that you never had precautions to prevent it or retreive it. So the first thing Y'all do is to find out what your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. There are different ways.
1. It should be written on your receipt or box that comes with mobile
2. Punch ' *#06# ' and then IMEI number will pop up on your screen. This code maybe different for different service providers. So if this doesnt work for you then find out your code to get the IMEI number from your sevice provider. This will come in handy

To block your SIM or your number from misused you need to file a poilice complaint and submit the complaint form to the service provider so he can block your SIM and give you the same number when you get a new SIM. I think this is cool. Even if you ve lost contacts in your phone book others can contact you. Ofcourse there are Pros and Cons :-o). But then again you ve got to shell out some money as Bakshish to the police guy to get the copy of your complaint. Aint that sucks.. you lose an expensive mobile and your SIM and then you shell out more money to block it.

Another thing I did was to write down all the Credit card info(number, exp date and contact number) and DL number in a safe place in case of emergency.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Mobile Philosophy!

Obviously it can't be Mobile Philosophy bcos Philosophy aint mobile! So it has to be Philosophy about Mobiles :-p). The term mobile here doesnt refer to the adjective 'mobile' which according to dictionary means 'capable of moving or being moved'. It refers to the Mobile Cellular instrument which is being used by the humans for communication. Ofcourse even the animals like dogs use it thinking its a bone and they can chew. In those cases the instrument more or less ends up in a dustbin. Well coming to the core pholosophy here... Can one live w/o mobiles? The relationship between a human (man, in this case) and a mobile is very special. Whenever u feel like talking, writing, reading u use the mobile. People also use it to store numbers and in some cases use it as calender and also to keep their accounts in their daily lives. Some even use it as watch for wake up alarms. In those cases its more or less shutoff immed or thrown away at the instant of the alarm sound. So when mobile becomes a core part of your daily life, how can you live w/o one?

How to cope up with the loss of your mobile?

Losing a mobile is like breaking up with your girlfriend or ending a relationship. It could be very painful. Your whole world suddenly looks dark, not that it was any bright before. You ve lost all the contacts you had(as if you ever had any contact with the human life out there), bcos they were through your mobile and you have not stored the contacts elsewhere. All accounts back to zero and Nobody owes anybody anything. Its something like somebody messed up with all your bank accounts(did u ever have a positive bank account??). Losing a mobile means, you ve got to wear a watch all the time. No more 'blackberry thumb' or in this case 'ericsson fingers'. Its like you are at the bottom of the deathvalley. So you ve got to get a new one to carry on your already non-exitant life and to improve your defunct lifestyle. But choosing a new one is a very difficult choice. There are so many Models out there. You ve got to make a good choice. The choice you make can make or break your life. How will you know you ve made the right choice? You must feel the vibes to choose 'the one'. You always make this choice in the hope that you dont lose this one as well. At the sametime you ve got to move on in your life. Cant think about your old mobile, however good it was and compare the new one with the old one. But this time you take all the precautions so that you end this relationship also. But aint the First time, always the Sweetest??
Ok.. this is by far the cheapest and lowest I can ever get in terms of PJs, but isnt it a good way of attracting your comments?? So please do comment and let me know of the available choices I have out there. Its like setting up your friend on a blind date with someone you know :-o).

Obituary for my T610

Its a sad day in my life :-( . I lost my Cute Sony Ericsson T610 mobile. That baby was very sleek and cute. I will miss it. I am still wondering how it went missing. I got out from home to catch my office bus. I realised that I was bit late to walk to my usual bus stop to catch it. So i took a city bus to my regular office busstop to catch the office bus. Somewhere along the way, either I must have put my hand in pocket and my mobile must have fallen down and didnt realise it or somebody must have flicked it in the bus. The painful part is I had stored my niece's photos in it and all my phone numbers. So for those who read this blog, please email me your phone number either to my office email or my personal email. Its sad but I ve got to move on in my life w/o my cute T610. Its amazing how we get stuck to such petty materialistic things in life. And life w/o a mobile is very difficult these days :-o)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Parineeta - The Married Woman

Kaash eisa title hota!!! then it would have definitely sucked big time. This new hindi movie is a must watch. Its got all the Devdas like settings, but only far better in every aspect including the key factor called 'acting'. If Madhuri was the saving grace in Devdas, then new actress Miss. Balan has done an excellent job in this movie. Its a very well made movie from the start to finish and should be watched in a big screen. You would clearly see how much Saif ali khan has matured as an actor over the years and even Sanjay Dutt has done justice to his small cameo. Overall its a good movie only to good to be missed. Ppl who read this blog could watch and come back and comment on it. I would greatly appreciate that!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Back to Quizzin...

Long time since I did some quizing. This sunday, Raju and I, went and took part in KQA's centennial celebrations - General Quiz, a quiz which I attended after a long time. Though we made 21 out of a possible 44(Thanks to Raju), where the cut-off was 30, we thought that was a decent performance. The finals was awesome as usual with the chennai team taking the honors. I ve Got to conduct a Dumb-C in office as well sometime in the next few weeks. So working towards that.
Jus started my week by watching some Jon Stewart's Daily show videos. The best way to start your day is by watching Daily Show at your workplace :-o). I also noticed that none of mainstream media in the US is covering the leak of Downing Street memos on the Iraq War. I looked for it in NYT, WP but in vain. I hope there is an enquiry into this and the press gets to it. I would like to see the press exposing the dirt and scam behind the Iraq War plans. Well..Lemme get back to my Daily Show videos and then maybe work a little bit today. hehe...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Finally Some relief

Yes... I finally found a 1 BHK for rent. Well it didnt quite come at the price I wanted, but a compromise worth it. Now I can chill out peacefully. Nothing's quite worth mentioning to write today. So I will come back later with something interesting.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Still House Hunting...

I will tell you this. House hunting in Bangalore is a big pain. You see all the classified columns and go look at a house. Theres always something missing in that house or it is ridiculously expensive. I wish some big metoer falls in Bangalore and land prices drop down. Cant live with prices soaring up sky high. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF COMING DOWN TO BANGALORE FOR ANY JOB. Look somewhere else. Bangalore sucks.
Dunno when i so picky and choosy and when i am going to get a house for rent. I hate the real estate agents also. They always hike up the prices and too demanding. I HATE YOU ALL YOU DAMN BROKERS. HEAR ME RIGHT! ITS PLAIN HATE.
well... Lifes been going on fine so far with all the calvin and hobbbes and Tintin and dilbert links I keep getting from friends. Heres a few links to make your day folks... Enjoy maadi...



http://tintincomics.topcities.com/index.htm (its got all tintins online)
awesome stuff

Dogbert's advise on Dating:

Dogbert : "Women like men who boast about their accomplishments, but they hate men who boast. I will be your designated bragger, allowing you (Dilbert) to appear Humble."

Dilbert : "One potential problem with this plan is that I have no accomplishments."

Dogbert : "Yeah, and if she isn't wearing make-up we'll be honest too."

Dilbert's Boss:

"I saw the code for your computer program yesterday. It looked easy. Its just a bunch of typing. And half of the words were spelt wrong. And dont get me started on your over-use of colons."

Wally (My fav character)
"Its now time for the Wally report, a weekly status update. My income is 80% of industry average, Enthusiasm is at 63% of capacity and my Ego Shield is holding at 15%."

"Your enthusiasm is up from last week."

"Yeah, someone left the supply cupboard unlocked."

Well.... finally I have updated my blog. Hope to update it soon with more interesting Geeky and Nerdy stuff such as these.