Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dil Chahta Hai

I dunno Y , but I am totally stuck on this movie's soundtrack today. I heard 'Tanhayee' yesterday and got reminded of this movie. I think it was an awesome movie and well made one. It has the fun elements, emotions and the whole lot. All 3 characters were dealt with very nicely. My favourite songs are 'Tanhayee' and 'Kaise hai ruth ke'. Both these songs were very situational and capture the emotions and feelings of the actors. Very nice meanings to it too. You can relate to it if you are either in love(kaise hai) and if you are in love and it doesnt work out(tanhayee). Especially I like the Tanhayee song. Aamir Khan's character is such a fun loving until before this song when he realizes that he is in love and he is not able to tell her and now she has left her. Sonu Nigam has sung it so well and its really a moving song. Aptly Aamir's character just breaks down at the end of the song which gives that extra depth to that song. 'Kaise Hai' is such a melodious and feel good song. You can listen to it anytime and it will make your day. Other songs are mostly timepass songs with the exception of 'Woh Ladki hai Kahan' which had such a hilarrious video in the retro style.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another nail biting finish

Its all happening here in England. What a thriller this Ashes summer has been for the Cricket fans!. Another flamboyant century from the Big man Freddie and wonderful reverse Swings from Simon Jones and Fighty gritty knock and Final burst from Brett Lee and Leg Break magic from the Sultan of Spin, himself, the one and only Warnie-the blondie! With a target of 129 to chase, England really started to struggle once warne was introduced and Brett lee unleashed Hell on england by removing the funky hair-do - Kevin Pieterson and Freddie Flintoff. Somehow Giles and Hoggard England through some really tough times. It was a great to see somebody challenging the Mighty Aussies and never give-up attitude of the ozzies. The OZ tail has played really well thro out the series with shane going very close to a century. Undoubtedly the closest test series in a longtime between two top quality teams.
And in the other Hemisphere, we see the exact opposite. the worst display of cricket by an international team- India. Whatever happened to the magic of Team India and the famous 'Huddle'. First the Kiwis almost made a world record by scoring 397 in 44 overs and next day we see Indians getting out cheaply for 48-8. Cant handle a different Shane. Bond, Shan Bond as he would like to introduce himself, he removed the Indian top order so cheaply that they can all retire. Whats with the captain Saurav. So many years in International arena and he still cant handle short pitch balls aimed at mid-riff. Whatever happened to the Wall. I really sympathize with Greg Chappel.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Finally I moved into my new apartment

After 2 months of payingf rent and not occupying, i stayed in my house yesterday among all the rubbish and some new construction work going on to remodify the house. so much of dirt piled up over the days that it took me a long time to clean up the place. Lots of arraning to do still and its going to take a long time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Two Weddings and lot of fun :o)

Took a long break from work and attended couple of my cousin's weddings. Lot of fun after a long time with all the relatives whom you havent met for a long time. But it has its cons too. Everybody starts asking Whens your turn? Why would ppl do that... Why cant they just say hi then talk about nice things and just push off. Anyways it was fun nevertheless. Lots of nice food to eat and good sweets. Those idlis, masala dosas , mouth watering ladoos and badam halwas... It was great. and some dance too. In one of the weddings, we did dandia dance too... it was lot of fun and it was a slighlty new concept in our family weddings and esp in chennai. Weddings in chennai are usually not so much of fun. But this time it was. Music, dance and all that... A nice break after a long time. Total refresher.

Landmark Quiz

Come 15th August, there is a big open Quizzzing event in Chennai conducted by Landmark Book store. Its an amazing event with high quality of quizzing. This is the first time I am attending in Chennai and it was fantastic. A couple of college buds and I tooks the prelims and did decently or so we thought. But the usual suspects made it to the finals. The finals was done by the famous Bounvita Quiz master Derek-O-Brian. He was pretty ok this time around compared to last year when we saw him in the CRY quiz at Bagalore. Less theatrics and more of serious quizzing. But on the whole it was total fun. 5 more points and we probly had a shot at the finals. Maybe next time we will make it. Watch out Landmark Quiz in Bangalore on Nov1st. I know I will be there.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy Independence day

Happy Independence day folks !!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Everybody says F*** OFF Mate, but POMs say Flint OFF Mate

That was the caption on a card which an English Cricket Fan was holding in the Second Ashes Test between the Ozzies and POMs. Man, what a thriller it turned out to be!! Warnie tried to googly the English by a sizzling 45 in the second innings and Brett Lee's stoic 46 amidst all the blows he received from Flintoff, but all in vain as they lost the test by just 2 runs. In the end England FL*** OFF'ed the Fighting aussies. Warne;s 10 wickets and Brett's crucial 4 in the 2nd innings and solid 46 didnt help them much. Only australia could have fought back from the position they were in. 182/8 and 100 more to win, anybody would have written off the batting team with tail enders to come. But the 'never say die' attitude of aussies almost won them the game, but for the brilliant catch by Geraint Jones, the Wicket Keeper to dismiss Kasper.
Day-3 was meant to be Flintoff's day out. Whatever he touched turned out to be gold. He hit 4 towering sixes, 2 of Brett Lee and 2 of Kasper. One of Brett Lee went on top of the roof near the camera man. It was just fun to watch him hit the ball effortlessly. The raw power of flintoff gave them enough hope both in the 1st and 2nd innings and he also took 3 crucial wickets all at crucial times and also took the most important catch of Gilcrist who could have changed the game. All in all, it was Flintoff's test match. If England go on to win the Ashes, No doubt it will be tagged Flintoff's Ashes somewat like Botham's Ashes. Afterall Flintoff is England's new Botham.
Moral of the Story: Next time you meet an aussie, its enough to say FLINT OFF MATE to offend him.

Friday, August 05, 2005

How to choose the Correct shoes?

Over the past 2 years I have to come to realize the importance of correct footwear to suit the purpose. I used to have a slightly loose tennis shoe, used it for running and thought it is too loose and not serving the purpose. So I went for one size lesser and ended up with toe pains. That is becasue I was using tennis shoes for running and running shoes for cros-training. So to practise for long distance running, I bought a Reebok Premier Road Plus shoe, which is a piece of art. This shoe provides the right amount of cushioning and great balance while running. Then I realized the importance of footwear match. Its so important for comfort and to avoid injuries. I have this problem of twisting my ankles even while walking. Call it lack of balance in life or walking on wrong foot. But now-a-days shoes come with a transition bridge beteen heel and center foot. This also prevents your shoe from twisting. This helps you to acheive balance.

Choose the right tool for your battle.

Check out these links for choosing the correct shoes.

From my previous blogs you can clearly see that I am so fond of shoes. The other day I was talking to my friend about my goals in life. I jokingly mentioned that my goal in life is not to think beyond this week, to buy my next pair of shoes, next pair of Shirt and Trouser and next few meals. Ofcourse it was just a joke and I hope my friend didn't that seriously. But looking at the amount of research being done in coming up wth new models of shoes, it is really tempting to buy them just for the foot comfort it provides. I pity those pre-historic guys who walked on barefoot to hunt. That reminds of 'George of the Jungle' movie, where Brendon fraser, after his trip from the Big Apple, gets a new pair of Nike Air and flies like Air Jordan.
I wouldnt mind if the shoe companies give me a free pair for all the advertising that I have done for them in my blogs.
BTW I am still waiting for donations to Shoe relief fund to buy a "Adidas One-Intelligent shoe". Hurry up people!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Intelligent Shoes

Check out these babies!!!
with your headphones on.
This is Frikkin' awesome. If somebody wants to gift these to me, that would be great. (Btw my Shoe size is American 9 and UK 81/2)
Seriously, Impossible is nothing. Its like stretching your imagination. Its pretty cool.
When you can spend 11K on a small mobile instrument, why not on shoes?? You dont even have to remove them except while changing the socks, Otherwise it would turn out pretty nasty.
I will soon start a Sriram Shoe Relief fund. Then I would post the link. Please donate generously towards the fund so that I can buy these dream pair :-o)
Speaking of shoes, my god!! these companies price the shoes at ridiculous amounts here in the outlets. The shoes which sell for 50 USD on Reebok Website is being sold at Rs. 5000(roughly 120USD) and shoes which sell at 70 USD are being sold at 8K and 9K Rs. This is atrocious. Is it just bangalore or all over India?. Somebody, please do something. They are selling at double the price you can buy it in the US and making hello lot money. Down with these companies in India. They are ripping off the people here.