Monday, August 01, 2005

Intelligent Shoes

Check out these babies!!!
with your headphones on.
This is Frikkin' awesome. If somebody wants to gift these to me, that would be great. (Btw my Shoe size is American 9 and UK 81/2)
Seriously, Impossible is nothing. Its like stretching your imagination. Its pretty cool.
When you can spend 11K on a small mobile instrument, why not on shoes?? You dont even have to remove them except while changing the socks, Otherwise it would turn out pretty nasty.
I will soon start a Sriram Shoe Relief fund. Then I would post the link. Please donate generously towards the fund so that I can buy these dream pair :-o)
Speaking of shoes, my god!! these companies price the shoes at ridiculous amounts here in the outlets. The shoes which sell for 50 USD on Reebok Website is being sold at Rs. 5000(roughly 120USD) and shoes which sell at 70 USD are being sold at 8K and 9K Rs. This is atrocious. Is it just bangalore or all over India?. Somebody, please do something. They are selling at double the price you can buy it in the US and making hello lot money. Down with these companies in India. They are ripping off the people here.


sathyus said...

waht shoe sriram fund?? hehe now thats a first!! ..dont worry we all will donate our old shoes ...

Freedom's my name... said...

Yap its that way everywhere in India except the CSD cateens!!! where you get for a lesser price than what you would get in the Us ;)