Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Landmark Quiz

Come 15th August, there is a big open Quizzzing event in Chennai conducted by Landmark Book store. Its an amazing event with high quality of quizzing. This is the first time I am attending in Chennai and it was fantastic. A couple of college buds and I tooks the prelims and did decently or so we thought. But the usual suspects made it to the finals. The finals was done by the famous Bounvita Quiz master Derek-O-Brian. He was pretty ok this time around compared to last year when we saw him in the CRY quiz at Bagalore. Less theatrics and more of serious quizzing. But on the whole it was total fun. 5 more points and we probly had a shot at the finals. Maybe next time we will make it. Watch out Landmark Quiz in Bangalore on Nov1st. I know I will be there.

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