Monday, August 08, 2005

Everybody says F*** OFF Mate, but POMs say Flint OFF Mate

That was the caption on a card which an English Cricket Fan was holding in the Second Ashes Test between the Ozzies and POMs. Man, what a thriller it turned out to be!! Warnie tried to googly the English by a sizzling 45 in the second innings and Brett Lee's stoic 46 amidst all the blows he received from Flintoff, but all in vain as they lost the test by just 2 runs. In the end England FL*** OFF'ed the Fighting aussies. Warne;s 10 wickets and Brett's crucial 4 in the 2nd innings and solid 46 didnt help them much. Only australia could have fought back from the position they were in. 182/8 and 100 more to win, anybody would have written off the batting team with tail enders to come. But the 'never say die' attitude of aussies almost won them the game, but for the brilliant catch by Geraint Jones, the Wicket Keeper to dismiss Kasper.
Day-3 was meant to be Flintoff's day out. Whatever he touched turned out to be gold. He hit 4 towering sixes, 2 of Brett Lee and 2 of Kasper. One of Brett Lee went on top of the roof near the camera man. It was just fun to watch him hit the ball effortlessly. The raw power of flintoff gave them enough hope both in the 1st and 2nd innings and he also took 3 crucial wickets all at crucial times and also took the most important catch of Gilcrist who could have changed the game. All in all, it was Flintoff's test match. If England go on to win the Ashes, No doubt it will be tagged Flintoff's Ashes somewat like Botham's Ashes. Afterall Flintoff is England's new Botham.
Moral of the Story: Next time you meet an aussie, its enough to say FLINT OFF MATE to offend him.

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