Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Two Weddings and lot of fun :o)

Took a long break from work and attended couple of my cousin's weddings. Lot of fun after a long time with all the relatives whom you havent met for a long time. But it has its cons too. Everybody starts asking Whens your turn? Why would ppl do that... Why cant they just say hi then talk about nice things and just push off. Anyways it was fun nevertheless. Lots of nice food to eat and good sweets. Those idlis, masala dosas , mouth watering ladoos and badam halwas... It was great. and some dance too. In one of the weddings, we did dandia dance too... it was lot of fun and it was a slighlty new concept in our family weddings and esp in chennai. Weddings in chennai are usually not so much of fun. But this time it was. Music, dance and all that... A nice break after a long time. Total refresher.

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