Friday, August 05, 2005

How to choose the Correct shoes?

Over the past 2 years I have to come to realize the importance of correct footwear to suit the purpose. I used to have a slightly loose tennis shoe, used it for running and thought it is too loose and not serving the purpose. So I went for one size lesser and ended up with toe pains. That is becasue I was using tennis shoes for running and running shoes for cros-training. So to practise for long distance running, I bought a Reebok Premier Road Plus shoe, which is a piece of art. This shoe provides the right amount of cushioning and great balance while running. Then I realized the importance of footwear match. Its so important for comfort and to avoid injuries. I have this problem of twisting my ankles even while walking. Call it lack of balance in life or walking on wrong foot. But now-a-days shoes come with a transition bridge beteen heel and center foot. This also prevents your shoe from twisting. This helps you to acheive balance.

Choose the right tool for your battle.

Check out these links for choosing the correct shoes.

From my previous blogs you can clearly see that I am so fond of shoes. The other day I was talking to my friend about my goals in life. I jokingly mentioned that my goal in life is not to think beyond this week, to buy my next pair of shoes, next pair of Shirt and Trouser and next few meals. Ofcourse it was just a joke and I hope my friend didn't that seriously. But looking at the amount of research being done in coming up wth new models of shoes, it is really tempting to buy them just for the foot comfort it provides. I pity those pre-historic guys who walked on barefoot to hunt. That reminds of 'George of the Jungle' movie, where Brendon fraser, after his trip from the Big Apple, gets a new pair of Nike Air and flies like Air Jordan.
I wouldnt mind if the shoe companies give me a free pair for all the advertising that I have done for them in my blogs.
BTW I am still waiting for donations to Shoe relief fund to buy a "Adidas One-Intelligent shoe". Hurry up people!

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sathyus said...

no sriram no matter how many times u ask..its a no..we wont buy u shoes!!