Thursday, September 29, 2005

Long due

Its been a long due posting. But I still dont have enough time or material enough for a good post. So Keep refreshing this page on your computer every now and then and keep looking at it intently and something will appear in the near future. Thanks for your patience and have a good day.

Monday, September 19, 2005

New Trailer is out!

'Harry potter and goblet of fire' new theatrical trailer is out. Watch it on Yahoo Movies or Personally I would recommend cos it has lots of nice clips, like Jon stewart in CROSSFIRE firing paula begala and his co-host and many more. Cant wait till November to watch Harry Potter. Sounds very kiddish when u say I am a harry potter fa, but then its really a griping story full of action. wathehell i dont care what ppl say... Harry potter is a very good read and movies are ok..def not bad...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hail England

Congratulations to English cricket team for their fantastic Ashes victory. Aussies didnt look like themselves. Somthing wrong with them. Its their bowlers who have always lifted them and won their matches and so this time too. Mcgrath didnt play 2 matches and both were won by england. Warnie is getting only better with age. But find of the series is Pieterson. and ofcourse Freddie has shown why he is great. Lets see what the aussie selecters come up with now... Will hayden, martyn and katich be shown the door? End of dizzie and kasper??

Finished Half Blood Prince..Hurray!

Its so hard to keep it down that i finished the whole book on monday... was just very thrilling. now i cant wait for the thrid book. Hope JKR comes up with it soon enuf. So many questions on my mind.. and so many predictions... who is RAB and if that is Regulus, what did regulus do with Horcrux he stole... what will snape do now from now after having killed dumbledore. my guess is snape is a good fella.. but doesnt want other deatheaters to know he is good. He will eventually help harry kill voldemort.. but what will the ministry think of snap now.. by killing dumble he has angered all the good wizarding community. How will he regain back that trust? How will dumble be able to help harry.. somehow he has to come and help harry now.. either he must have stored all info he has in some penseive or some book like voldemort.. w/o dumble i dont see harry even killing lowlevel deatheater...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Half way thro the Half-Blood Prince

What a gripping story it has been so far. I am almost halfway and I cant keep the book down. But I feel that maybe I should refresh Book-5 a little bit for the perfect continuity.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Grand Finale!

The Ashes final test has already started and I am so excited. What a series this has turned out to be ! I wouldnt want to watch the boring India and Zimbabwe tests after this. I am sure Indians will get beaten and roughed up pretty badly. I am sure both teams are going to fire on all guns and it would be a thrilling encounter. McGrath and Lee firing on all guns and warnie bamboozling with his legbeaks, flippers and rippers and Flintoff carrying the entire England team on his young shoulders.... what a way to end the series... If Aussies win, they retain the Ashes and if England draws its enough for them to claim back the glory which they lost after 1987. I really dont care who wins this series, bcos if England wins its very difficult to stop the meadia gloating about it for years to come and if Aussies win, it would be very sad to see the English Cricketers lose it after a very tough fight. The closest anyone has ever come to derail the Aussie juggernaut... So ppl comment and let me know whom u will be supporting... for the moment I am all for a great cricket.... be it Fredie, or warnie or the gritty lee...

Hail Ganesha !

Since it came int he middle of the week, I had to visit my sister and her family for the awesome food they had cooked instead of going home to chennai. I was so stuffed that I felt like ganesha for a few seconds there. ahem..ahem.. anyways good food.. great sleep.. wat a way to spend a holiday..