Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Finished Half Blood Prince..Hurray!

Its so hard to keep it down that i finished the whole book on monday... was just very thrilling. now i cant wait for the thrid book. Hope JKR comes up with it soon enuf. So many questions on my mind.. and so many predictions... who is RAB and if that is Regulus, what did regulus do with Horcrux he stole... what will snape do now from now after having killed dumbledore. my guess is snape is a good fella.. but doesnt want other deatheaters to know he is good. He will eventually help harry kill voldemort.. but what will the ministry think of snap now.. by killing dumble he has angered all the good wizarding community. How will he regain back that trust? How will dumble be able to help harry.. somehow he has to come and help harry now.. either he must have stored all info he has in some penseive or some book like voldemort.. w/o dumble i dont see harry even killing lowlevel deatheater...

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