Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Grand Finale!

The Ashes final test has already started and I am so excited. What a series this has turned out to be ! I wouldnt want to watch the boring India and Zimbabwe tests after this. I am sure Indians will get beaten and roughed up pretty badly. I am sure both teams are going to fire on all guns and it would be a thrilling encounter. McGrath and Lee firing on all guns and warnie bamboozling with his legbeaks, flippers and rippers and Flintoff carrying the entire England team on his young shoulders.... what a way to end the series... If Aussies win, they retain the Ashes and if England draws its enough for them to claim back the glory which they lost after 1987. I really dont care who wins this series, bcos if England wins its very difficult to stop the meadia gloating about it for years to come and if Aussies win, it would be very sad to see the English Cricketers lose it after a very tough fight. The closest anyone has ever come to derail the Aussie juggernaut... So ppl comment and let me know whom u will be supporting... for the moment I am all for a great cricket.... be it Fredie, or warnie or the gritty lee...

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