Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Still House Hunting...

I will tell you this. House hunting in Bangalore is a big pain. You see all the classified columns and go look at a house. Theres always something missing in that house or it is ridiculously expensive. I wish some big metoer falls in Bangalore and land prices drop down. Cant live with prices soaring up sky high. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF COMING DOWN TO BANGALORE FOR ANY JOB. Look somewhere else. Bangalore sucks.
Dunno when i so picky and choosy and when i am going to get a house for rent. I hate the real estate agents also. They always hike up the prices and too demanding. I HATE YOU ALL YOU DAMN BROKERS. HEAR ME RIGHT! ITS PLAIN HATE.
well... Lifes been going on fine so far with all the calvin and hobbbes and Tintin and dilbert links I keep getting from friends. Heres a few links to make your day folks... Enjoy maadi...



http://tintincomics.topcities.com/index.htm (its got all tintins online)
awesome stuff

Dogbert's advise on Dating:

Dogbert : "Women like men who boast about their accomplishments, but they hate men who boast. I will be your designated bragger, allowing you (Dilbert) to appear Humble."

Dilbert : "One potential problem with this plan is that I have no accomplishments."

Dogbert : "Yeah, and if she isn't wearing make-up we'll be honest too."

Dilbert's Boss:

"I saw the code for your computer program yesterday. It looked easy. Its just a bunch of typing. And half of the words were spelt wrong. And dont get me started on your over-use of colons."

Wally (My fav character)
"Its now time for the Wally report, a weekly status update. My income is 80% of industry average, Enthusiasm is at 63% of capacity and my Ego Shield is holding at 15%."

"Your enthusiasm is up from last week."

"Yeah, someone left the supply cupboard unlocked."

Well.... finally I have updated my blog. Hope to update it soon with more interesting Geeky and Nerdy stuff such as these.


sathyus said...

sriram..yes i agree..down with Bangalore hehe... hope you find a house soon... never see ya online these days...

sathyus said...

o and by the way..update ur blog with current blog address of good bloggers(lol!) like sathyus hehe

Sriram P said...

@ sathyus... i thin ur blog address hasnt changed even though you might have christiner urself as sathyus..watevr &^%$ that means.. should update my blog often.. but what to write.. maybe have to be more creative as i dont like to put my personal life out there for everybody to read except a few adventure trips or about other frustrations in life.. :-o).. but anyways will think of something o write when i get time..