Monday, June 27, 2005

Obituary for my T610

Its a sad day in my life :-( . I lost my Cute Sony Ericsson T610 mobile. That baby was very sleek and cute. I will miss it. I am still wondering how it went missing. I got out from home to catch my office bus. I realised that I was bit late to walk to my usual bus stop to catch it. So i took a city bus to my regular office busstop to catch the office bus. Somewhere along the way, either I must have put my hand in pocket and my mobile must have fallen down and didnt realise it or somebody must have flicked it in the bus. The painful part is I had stored my niece's photos in it and all my phone numbers. So for those who read this blog, please email me your phone number either to my office email or my personal email. Its sad but I ve got to move on in my life w/o my cute T610. Its amazing how we get stuck to such petty materialistic things in life. And life w/o a mobile is very difficult these days :-o)

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