Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rains in Chennai :)

Surprise Surprise.. It is raining in Chennai... This place really needs some rains and water. So finally Gods have answered to my calls... while its raining i can write about my weekend trip to Oslo... :)
Well... Dont ask how i went why i went.. i would like to akip all that.. maybe some other day... but i went to Oslo for a personal trip or more for a future, i would say....
it was a lovely place to be in.. had sat evening and sunday to roam around and explore the place. Its not very difficult for a new person to find his way through. I asked the Hotel people about the places to visit and they handed me a map and explianed where i could go and how i could get there... the city is so well connected with buses, trams and subway trains... buy one pass and thats enough to take you by any means of transportation. i walked on the streets of oslo to get a good feel of the city. Oslo ppl like to dress up well. They dont mind spending a lot of their clothers esp for branded stuff. There are tons of cafes/bar/restraunt all over the city. You can walk into ay restraunt and u can find a mini bar there and get a drink. People party a lot and party till late night. All in all it was a wonderful city. I also visited couple of museums to get a feel of the culture, some norwegian expdeitions etc. Lots of visitors still pouring in Oslo even though summer is officially over. But i really liked the place. wanna see some of pics click here Look up Oslo folder.


Vinu Paul said...

hey's at my friend's seeing her after a really long time now....didnt get to see her for her b'day so now i get to meet her...wish ur niece for her birthday.

sathyus said...

hey...hey... that seems are awesome