Friday, October 28, 2005

Happy Diwali

Amidst all the waiting time for the wait listed train ticket to get confirmed and scramble to buy a comfirmed bus ticket, finally i had to part with 460 bucks to get a A/C bus ticket finally. Theres so much of rush to get tickets to Chennai and now all chennai bound trains are getting cancelled left right and center. Thank god I got a bus ticket.
So much for the Diwali season and for the hacov wrought in by the monsoon rains. Its going to a Rainy Diwali. But atleast I will get to eat mom made sweets and namkeens and good festival day food on the Diwali eve and Diwali itself. Yummy....
So guys n gals.... Happy Diwali to one and all... Nalla enjoy maadi.. Khoob sweets khao... maze karo... Bring some light into your lives this time... I am still looking for a good source of light for my life... ;-o) Hope I dont find a toally fused tubelight. haha.. Bad PJ.. with that all I have to say is Happy festive season and happy shopping.. I ve already blew more than 10 grand so far on shopping on different sales..


sathyus said...

i hate u.., i hate u ...i hate U WITH ALL THE HATE IN MY HEART.its not fair..all i have to do on diwali is an assignment

Vinu Paul said...

Hey Happy Diwali! Hope u find a source of light in your life (coz u've been trippin as u walk...)

Sriram P said...

tripping while i walk?? excuse me??

prassanna said...

That's interesting! Can you please share more about it? Thank you.

Diwali Sweets to Chennai