Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Running - Feel good exercise

Its been a long time since I ran. So I decided to start jogging/running to get back to shape and coincidentally a new club, called Runners club, started here mainly for running enthusiasts. I went for the kick off meeting and lo! I became of the co-ordinators straight away. It felt good to be among health freaks and I found out that one of the guys had completeted 2 full marathons incl. the recently held Bombay marathon and another guy finished the half-marathon at Bombay. So there, I can get some real good advice on how to practice for long distance running from these guys. Also the center medical doctor was involved to make sure we get good health tips to avoid injuries. After talking to one of the guys, I went ahead to buy a really expensive footwear(by my standards)-Reebok premier Road plus, to avoid more expensive medical treatments in future due to possible foot/ankle/knee injuries because of not wearing proper shoes.
Its like, God made these shoes specially for me. They are so damn good and no wonder they are expensive. I have used it for 5-6 short runs so far and I now realize why u need really good shoes for running. They are so soft and very easy on your foot and knees. I highly recommend these shoes for starters. Another good option could be Adidas-Supernova Control. You get these babies in Wide foot option called 'M 2E'. While I was shopping for shoes, I went by a Adidas apparel and they had a free foot scan done for me and suggested these shoes. They were also very good, but I prefered road plus to these.
Hopefully I should be able to participate in any of 5K and 10K runs in the coming months and maybe give it a shot for the Mumbai marathon next year. lets see!.
Some tips for starters -
1. Wear good footwear. Makes all the difference in the world. Saves you lot of bucks in future and also reduces the possiblities of knee and hip pains later on.
2. W-S-A-C-S - The golden rule of any activity.
Warm up - stretch - activity - cool down - stretch
Stretching is very important before and after running, especially the ham strings, calf muscles, quadriceps and lower back. Check this link
3. When you feel very tired, take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth for sometime. You will feel better. This is only from my experience.

Happy Running Folks! and wish me good luck to sustain this passion.


sathya venkatesh said...

hey sriram
good we can start the tamujaw jaw bloogers club hehe!
ur blog is very nice !

Sriram P said...

Thanks. I already got a good comment about my blog layout and template. I read some of the bloggers regularly. Some of them are really good at writing. Though I dont intend or aspire to become like that, but want to improve my writing skill this way and trying to keep it as simple as possible. Comments are always welcome !