Monday, April 11, 2005

Lamenting Lara's demise

This is about the loss of Our Pet dog, Lara (M), who died of kidney problems 3 weeks back.

Last I saw him was a day before his passing away, when I left for Bangalore, after spending the weekend at chennai. He was having some problems and clearly not his usual self. Before I left, I had to sit down, put him in my lap and pet him for long time before I left, only hoping that I will see him next time I come to Chennai. But he passed away the very next day. We were all sad for a week or so, but his memory lives on. You just cannot forget the sweet and loyal - four legged friend, who has been there through the best and worst and who would still remember you even after a long gap of 2 years.

I went back to Chennai to celebrate Ugadi with my parents. I realized there was something Odd when I entered the house as there was no Lara to receive me, barking and wagging his tail. There are so many things that brought back the memories of Lara. First the complete silence in the house, then there was no one sitting near your leg while we were having lunch and dinner, noone to take for walk and then those empty corners where you will usually find lara, peacefully sleeping without any worries in the world. Guess my parents miss him the most, my dad who takes him for long walks in the morning and night and my mom who walks him in the evenings. Guess we just have to move on.

I read this nice article on 'The Hindu' - Sunday columns, about 'How to cope with your Pet's loss'. It made more sense and touched our hearts esp having lost our dear one who was there for the past 11 years. May his Soul rest in peace!

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Anonymous said...

i do understand wat u went thru'. the sad demise of ur pet. i have 7 dogs myself and fortunately no one has left the earth yet. but i know the feeling will be sad.