Thursday, April 14, 2005

Papal Elections

With the passing away of the pope, the world is waiting for a new pontiff to be elected. The conclave starts in few days and already there are rumours that power may shift to the east.

Thanks to Dan Brown, I gathered lot of information on Vatican and Papal elections. It is pretty interesting how the some good authors do an excellent background research before writing books. For instance, Michael Crichton usually comes up with fantastic material for his books. I loved his Congo, Jurassic Park, Airframe and Lost World. These books are just full of information. Sort of encyclopedia on the respective topics, if you may.

Well, anyways, coming back to the topic... Are pontiffs, in any religion, just the religious and spiritual leader or more of a politician who controls the religious activities and also responsible to spread the idealogies of that religion?

In early 90's when Beauty Pageants from India went on to bag the coveted Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific titles when no Indian had ever won it before, rumour was rife that it was deliberate act to promote big fashion labels in India, a growing market. It definitely did increase the interest in fashion and fashion designing in our country and also there is huge demand for fashion labels now. The purpose was acheived one way or other and whether or not the rumour was true.

Though its a very loose connection, like the above mentioned phenomenon are we going to see a new pope from asia or africa, where Christianity is not so prevelant? Will this move, if it happens, lead to the spread of christianity in Asia and Africa by converting people?? We will have to wait and see. Its a strange world - In one part of the world they are waiting for a new leader who will lead them in the future and elsewhere one pontiff, supposed to be the religious and spiritual guru, is accused of murder charges and involved in scandals. Is it the test of the religion or religion and spirituality beyond all these ?
The ultimate reality is "Truth shall set us all Free" (Sathyameva Jayate!)
Oh.. Woww.. what a punch line.. Take that fellas... who thought I can never comeup with a punchline (though it sucks)

Disclaimer: The author doesnt intend hurt the religious feelings of anybody and its just a theory based on loose connections.


sathya said...

sriram....smartass.. the line "truth shall set u free" also came in some rajinikanth movie..having listened all your i hate tamil movies line...surprising that u shd lift lines from one!

so keep updating ur blog man!

Sriram P said...

have you ever heard of the this famous line "Satyameva Jayate" and also its meaning? You dumb, idiot :p ... i saw chadramukhi recently. Manichitrathazh is far better. too much masala added in chandramukhi. Not too much of Rajni regular ajni flavors in it. So its not bad i would say