Monday, May 01, 2006

Tidbits from TV

Did you guys watch CNN International's 'The End of AIDS' - Talk show by Dr. Sanja Gupta featuring Former US President Bill Clinton?? Did you notice the lady sitting behind him?? It looked to me like Hot Property - Vasundara Das from Hey Ram. As always she looked hot.. :)
Did you guys hear about the recent stunt from the Man from texas... Dubya... He and his lookalike had lots of fun in some presidential dinner at Washington. Dubya standing on the podium with his lookalike, who is poking fun at Dubya's scholastic skills in in English. What has the world come to?? Dubya is actually poking fun at himself, in front of his own crowd in Washington?? I should say, it was a bit funny.. those jokes.. Among the two, who do you think was "The Decider" :-o) there? Take a guess... Looks like Karl Rove is doing his job well... Tring to get some attention before the Mid-term elections... Something like President Clinton appearing on Jay Leno show and playing Guitar and singing a song to catch the Youth's attention when he ran for his second term... What do u make out of this?? His popularity is going to increase bcos of this stunt?? I say he has set some standards which no future president can even dare to dream of.. I mean how low can u stoop down than our own Dubya??

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