Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Recent Late-night Anti-Bush Jokes :-o)

Did you guys hear about the Stephen Colbert's Speech at White House Correspondent's Dinner... I watched the video on the net and it was damn funny. Check that out...

"Best of all, I got to meet my main man, George W. Bush. I shook his hand -- very soft hands by the way. ... I delivered the closing speech. Needless to say the audience could not contain its excitement [showed footage of the audience looking bored]. ... Very respectful silence. The crowd practically carried me out on their shoulders. Although I wasn't actually ready to leave." --Stephen Colbert, at the White House Correspondents' dinner

On Faith-based initiatives: "When President Bush was in New Orleans, he said 'We pray there is no hurricane coming this year.' This is what we call faith-based disaster planning." --Jay Leno

"President Bush says he wants to find alternative sources of energy. He says they're looking towards solar power. In fact, he and Rumsfeld are planning an invasion of the sun." --Jay Leno

"President Bush introduced former Fox broadcaster Tony Snow as the new White House Press Secretary. See, this is the perfect example of wasteful government spending. I mean, why is the president paying someone to join his staff and tow the party line when he was doing it on Fox for free?" --Jay Leno

"At a press conference, President Bush introduced his new press secretary Tony Snow, and the president said, this is a quote, 'His job is to help explain my decisions to the American people.' Yeah, then Bush turned to Snow and said, 'Good luck, you poor bastard.'" --Conan O'Brien

"It's been announced that White House adviser Karl Rove will not be creating the day-to-day policy for the president anymore. You all know Karl Rove, he's the man they call Bush's brain. No, that's what they call him, Bush's brain. Now he's only going to be working part of the time, just like Bush's brain." --Jay Leno

and just one more... :)

"Republicans in Congress are demanding that President Bush investigate whether oil companies are now gouging consumers on these gas prices. That's a good idea, Republicans asking Republicans to investigate other Republicans. And you know who they're going to blame? The Democrats." --Jay Leno

These are just select few jokes picked from the following website which regularly updates with jokes from all the late-night comedy shows...


Summit'sPeak said...

Thanks for the link, Sriram. It was funny as hell. Some balls this guy has. He's even edgier than Stewart.

Do you get the Comedy Central shows there?

Sriram P said...

@Summit: I get the global edition on CNN international on Sat. night and repeat on Sunday night. I guess same goes to India also.. I gues they do show daily show in cable channel which I havent subscribed to yet... Check out They had a article up there about this which also has video link. Man.. the Dumbya's face when he cracked these jokes.. Priceless... :-o)