Monday, March 09, 2009

Disastrous weekend at Hemsedal

hemsedal is one of the biggest Ski resorts in Norway... A big group of people from work decides to go and I joined them hoping I could take some lessons and improve my snow boarding skills... well.. i thought wrong... back pains previous falls started surfacing making my downhill experience unbearable with backpain... and to add to the woes, i hit my head at the cottage entrace on a low ceiling, which required immediate medical attention and some stitches .. No wait.. Super Glue... which basically confined me to the cofe at the ski resort playing some sudoku with a friend and a cuppa hot tea ... so much for the ski weekend.. :( ...
did you know that urban legend says that super glue was accidentally invented to find a replacement for stitches for body wounds during WWII ?? I didnt know this until today when someone mentioned it... It was relatively painless experience of getting glued in place of stitches... :)... wel.. it remains to be seen if the blow to my head has anything to do with my behavior in the coming days :-D) ... haha///


Ms.N said...

ok - super gluse is stuff they actually use to heal stuff ??? :)
what happened to ur back - did u hurt urself or is it the i am rusty ache?

Sriram P said...

But this is medical superglue... kinda like superglue but can be used for medical treatment.. guess the compound is safe on the skin.. so you put the glue hold the skin for a couple of minutes and Voila!! Its sticks... Had a bad fall before and so hurt my back at that time.. sharp pain at the tail bone... :( .. not all that bad.. but it resurfaces when i do some back bending activity.. hopefully it goes away soon... So hows ur Spore trip coming aloing?? cant see u online these days?? Me going to London this weekend :D)

Ms.N said...

London :(!!! well, only consolation for me is that Londion is probably too cold now anyways :P

have a nice trip - work? fun?
yea- hardly anytime to be online... it kind of feels unreal to spend a minute more than i absolutely have to within the hotel rooms.