Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trip to Germany

I ve always wanted to go visit Germany, go see the Berlin wall... and finally I did that this Easter.. Well just 6 months late in blogging about it.. been too lazy to blog.. :) I went to Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Heidelburg. A week full of walking, doing touristy things... Well you got the picture..

This is the picture I liked the most.. The broken chapel with the dome destroyed in the bombing during WWII in the backdrop of the modern Sculpture.. That paints the picture of Modern Berlin.. A buzzing city with so much of good and bad history behind it..

THE WALL that once divided the West and East berlin.. THE WALL that fell in 1990 unifying the FRG and GDR into one unified Germany.

Please go to my Travel blog for the complete Travelogue...

PHOTOS from the Trip

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