Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trip to Brugge and Bruxelles

My 3 day trip to Brugge or Bruges and Brussels in Belgium. It started off with flight to Paris, Thalys fast train (cousin of TGV) to Brussels and a local train to Bruges. Bruges has this beautiful small city feeling to it and its canals and the lovely buildings and oh. not to mention the Beer, chocolates, Belgian Waffles, Fries with Mayo or many different vareities of sauce and yummy food. The famous Bruge dish is Mussels and Fries :). One of the artistic attraction was the sculpture 'Madonna and the child' by the genius Michael Angelo and artifact of religious interest was the vial carrying blood drops supposedly of Jesus Christ.
Brussels, the capital of EU, was also equally impressive. All its old buildings gave a sense of history amidst all the modern new buildings and constructions. Star attraction was Grand place, central market square which feauturs the city hall and also the statue of Manekin Pis just around the corner from here.

All in all it was a nice weekend to spend exploring new cities, drinking lots of belgian beer, eating belgian chocolates, waffles and frites. :)

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