Friday, November 11, 2005

My last day in my first job :-(

I ve got mixed feelings about this. This is my first job after I finished my Master's in the US. I was initially very reluctant to come to India to accept this offer in Bangalore but then decided to come anyways. With all that said about low salaries, work culture or the lack of it, etc. etc. in normal Indian companies, I was initially very guarded. But I felt that it was completely normal and an excellent facility and great people made me at ease. I really started liking this place and the city mainly for the weather, but for all the traffic jams and lack of infrastructure, which I dont even want to get into. Nevertheless its been a great ride for an year and half and I made some good friends, had good times, few treks and picnics and some good quizzes and great food. Plus point being, it is only 6 hours from Chennai either by bus or train. But now that I have to leave this job for a better one, i got a mixed feelings. Dont want to lose an excellent opportunity and get stuck here and at the same time I will be missing this place and people.
Just been sending Good bye mails to all the people I ve interacted here and I got this interesting quote in reply from a very good friend. Thought I should put it here...

If we meet again, we shall smile
If not, why then, this parting was indeed well made!
- Brutus to Cassius, Julius Caesar

Coincidentally I played the role of brutus in 'Julius Ceasar' Play in High school.

For those friends and coleagues, whom I leave here.. but I will always hold u in my memories. So long and hope we may meet again. Until then, Ciao.... and Good luck and best wishes...


Vinu Paul said...

I'll meet you when you get there
This world is too small a place for us not to bump into one another.

NaiKutti said...

good luck and best wishes for ur new job :-)

Sriram P said...

@ Vinu: Oh.. no.. plzzzzz... stay away... :-o)

sathyus said...

how many people did u kill as brutus:P
by the way..good luck..when do u have to leave chennai/