Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Holiday Season or was it the Rainy season :)

Well spent holidays at home with family.. but damn those rains.. they made my life horrible. U can already imagine a Calvin looking up at the sky and shouting a few expletives.. :)
I think it was sunday morning, I was woken up in a jolt by a loud bang... for a moment i thought it was some terrorist bomb attack in chennai near my house. But it was a huge nerve racking lightning and thunder.. one followed another and spoilt my sleep. On sunday it rained so havily that there was knee deep water in front of my house and i had to literally carry my luggage on my head like a coolie and walk the waters a long distance to catch an auto and ofcourse i had to shell out more than twice the regular charge to get to the station only to find that all trains are running late atleast by 2 hours. Train which was supposed to depart at 11pm came to station around 3 and left around 4... we were late by almost 6 hours to bangalore.. thank god, i had some good company. Chennai central station looked so yucky and not a place to sit. The moment they announced the platform for the train to Bangaloore, you could see loads of people converging to the platform from all directions all in no time. It was as if there was an organized Flash Mob. Rains have completely played spoil sport damaging all good roads. I dunno when they will be set right... But they def have brought lots of water to the city. Atleast Chennai will not have water problems, or lack of water to be precise, for sometime.

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sathyus said...

hmm.. seems like u had a wet diwali... but atleast u had one..