Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A nerd trying to date another nerd :)

I've been watching this TV series called "The Big Bang Theory" lately and I must say it is quite funny. All the physics mumbo jumbo and intellectual crap in every dialogue is really funny... I love the Sheldon character. He is the ultimate intellectual human robot(watever that means :D). One of the episodes where Leanard tries to ask his labmate Leslie out on a date... It goes something like this... pardon me if I didnt get it completely correct ...
(Leonard is going to ask Leslie out on a date...)

Leonard: I was thinking more of a Bio-social exploration with a Neuro chemical overlay
Leslie: Wait.. Are you asking me out?
Leonard: I was going to characterize it as a modification of our colleague/friendship paradigm with the addition of a date like component.. but.. we dont need to quibble over terminology
Leslie: what sort of a experiement would you propose?
Leonard: There is a generally accepted pattern in this area. I would pick you up, take you to a restaurant.. then we would see a movie... probably a romantic comedy featuring the talents of Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock.
Leslie: Interesting... Would you agree that the primary way we would evaluate either the sucess or failure of the date would be based on bio-chemical reaction during the good night kiss?
Leonard: Alright...
Leslie: So... Why dont we stipulate that the date goes well and move to the key variables?
Leonard: You mean kissing now?
Leslie: Yes
Leonard: Can you define the parameters of the Kiss ?
Leslie: Closed mouth, but romantic.... Mint ??
Leonard: Thank you...
Leonard: Shall I count down from three?
Leslie: No. I think it needs to be spontaneous
** Kiss **
Leslie: Soo.. what do you think?
Leonard: You proposed the experiment. So I think you should present your findings first.
Leslie: Fair Enough. On the Plus side it was a good kiss, reasonable technique.. on the other hand no arousal.
Leonard: None.
Leslie: None
Leonard: Ah... Well.. Thank you for your time
Leslie: Thank you.

Cmon.. How can you not like this show? Its brilliant. I wonder how someone hadn't thought about it before. Check it out on IMDB. :-)


Ms.N said...

i agree- i love the tall thin guy who is an abso geek... ... though havent managed to catch too many episodes!

Ms.N said...

haha - i see u got the new blog roll!

Sriram P said...

Sheldon totally ROX... his rendition of "I m Batman".. is worth million dollars..