Monday, September 08, 2008

Rabbit food...:-o)

Being a vegetarian in a country like Norway is sometimes difficult if you expect to go out and find plenty of veggie options on the menu, although sometims chef's can always make something for you... During my travels I ve always found that there are some nice vegetarian places to go and eat authentic food (or fake authentic) if you look for it and know how to find it... Like when I was in Paris, I googled for a good veggie place and ended up in "Le Grenier de Notre Dame". I really enjoyed the vareity of food for a reasonable price on the menu.. food from different cuisines, but very much veggie friendly... Sometimes it can be hard in Paris to find a place to eat veggie version of French cuisine... This place was very good for that purpose and I highly recommend it...
When I was in Krakow (Poland), little did I expect that they would have a fully veggie/vegan place in Poland.. Eastern Europe known for its meat'ful' cuisine had something to offer for veggies too... Apparently vegetarianism and healthy organic food is gaining momentum here... I visited a Vegetarian placed called "Bar Vega". Food was so cheap here that I almost had all my meals here during my stay. They served some tasty Polish and Russian dumplings with cheese, sour onion, potato etc. Compare that to the steamed Kozhukattai.. :)... These dumplings a.k.a Pierogi were very tasty... I also tried out the Soy version of Hungarian Goulash (usually has beef) and traditional Polish soups.

In prague, there are plenty of options to choose from for a vegetarian.. There are lots of ISKCON places that offer Vegan/Indian food. I found a place called Country Life that offered organic and fresh vegetarian/vegan food option. prices were a bit high compared to other restaurants in Prague, but it was worth the money.. Very tasty and healthy...

I ve learn one thing to do before my travel.. check out the such veggie places in Happy cow :).. They always come in handy... Its always more fun to eat traditional food in a new country.. and such veggie places offer great options... Bon Apetit !!

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