Monday, July 09, 2007

Fed Ex rolls on....

What an amazing game it turned out to be! The world best battled it out for the best grass court tennis torunament and the best player wins... It was just great to see both Federer and Nadal playing a superior level of tennis, reminding of some of the previous duals between Ivanisevic and rafter or Edberg and Becker. Finally Federer proved a bit tougher for Nadal with his big and precision serves.
He also equalled Borg's record of 5 wimbledon's in a row. Ironically it was Federer who beat Pete Sampras in 2001, when Sampras was going for his straight 5th Wimbledon championship. This time around Federer got a walk-over in the 4th round. Maybe this is an indication of several great things to come from this amazing player.
Also watch out Nadal... He has just lifted his game in the last year or so... apart from the titles, there is very little that seperates these two guys who are playing their best tennis.. or maybe their best is yet to come... :)

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