Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Scarlet red Prancing Horses !!!

What better way to follow up one beast with another one... I mean a Concorde followed by none other couple of Scarlet red Prancing Horses! I saw a couple of Ferraris when I was touring Italy in Rome. The Home of Ferrari... What a beauty! Enjoy....
This F1 car was sighted in a Ferrari Store on 'Via Tomacelli' in Rome. The store was closed and I couldn't go inside. What a tragedy! They had lots of Ferrari Accessories for Ferrari Fans and naturally looked very expensive from Outside.

The sporty scarlet red car was the beautiful V12 Ferari Enzo(named after Enzo Ferrari) sighted near Piazza Del Popolo in the Center of Rome.

P.S: For Serious Ferrari Fans - Please forgive me if I am wrong with the Ferrari Model or the Technical Details.

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