Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Yoohoo.. Bought my first Ski set

I finally bought my first new pair Cross Country Ski Set for a very good price. Now I need to figure out how to put them to good use. I have never skiied before and its going to be a very interesting project for this loong winter weekends. :) . and thats something I am looking forward to right now apart from the Idlis and Dosas I am going to eat for the next 3 weeks, back in Good Ol' Madras..


Ms.N said...

hey.. howz the skiing going??? made anyprogress or are u still in the 'holiday hangover' phase?

Sriram P said...

hehe.. right now looking at myself in the mirror wearing the skiis and practising skiing in my bedroom :-o).. There still no sign of snow, which is quite unusual for Oslo.. Seems like White Xmas itself is going to be a difficulty... Last year by the first week of Dec the whole landscape was covered with inches of snow.. This year, not a single patch.. So have to wait for some more time for the snow... uhh.. *sigh*