Monday, January 23, 2006


Oh.. boy. doesnt it feel good to make contact with those old friends from good ol' school days... ?? ... Out of the blue I got an email from my old friend my Primary School (or do you call it middle school). I had no idea about internet until I came to College. So you can imagine how communication would be with your old pals, esp when you keep moving from one place to another and one school to another every 3 years or so. I guess we wrote couple of letters (hand written). Cant even imagine that I actually wrote a letter... Anyways got tired of that and we lost touch. and today I get an email from my good ol' friend and hence restoring that lost contact. It definitely feels good to read his email after such a long time and knowing that he is doing very well in some part of the world(well.. not that far from where I am actually).


NaiKutti said...

thats always nice to get in touch with a old friend... and u wrote letters, i can't beleive that :-)

Vinu Paul said...

i like the art of hand written a personal touch

Sriram P said...

@ Karthik: well. that was like 9th standard (or grade)... when we moved back to Madras for good. No emails at that time or atleast I wasnt aware of it until college